Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Homework

 I'm being the mean mom today and making the kids work on summer homework.  Both Melissa and Bemjamin are in honor and advance classes this fall - classes that assign summer homework.   Both have to read two books and then complete two written projects for each book - which we have had to deal with for the last two summers. But this summer math work was assigned as well. 

Benjamin finished his math work within an hour or so - he loves math!  He has completed reading the first book and is about half way done with the first written project. So, he still has a ways to go!

Melissa is only about a third way through the fist book. Thankfully, she can knock out the written part pretty fast since she's use to these kinds of projects. But she has even further of a ways to go before school starts August 10th.

Yep - it'll be here soon.

William being in high school has avoided summer homework - for now. Rumor has it, it'll be assigned next year.   But he's working on another project: driver's ed.  Today (and maybe tomorrow as well) he will be driving around town getting his required hours in with the driver's ed teacher.

Not sure what driver ed teachers get paid, but I bet it's not enough.

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