Saturday, April 6, 2013

Crashing a Party

I have never crashed a party....until last night that is....Drew and I didn't mean to....but we did. Good news is we did not get thrown out. Of course, that would have been interesting if we had...

It all started a few weeks ago when I got a facebook message from a friend in Mississippi letting us know that her son, Matt, (whom is, also, a friend) would be preforming at a local restaurant in case we would like to attend. I added it to my calendar and made a date with my hubby. We both thought it would be great fun! We even invited some friends to join in with us.

From what we were told  and found out, the concert would start 7, so we planned to be there are 6:30 or so - well....I think our info was faulty (darn those web-sites!)...turns out the party start 5:30 with  concert at 6.

Oh, well. You can only go on what you know at the time you know.

So, Drew and I along with our friends, got to the restaurant. I had never been to this restaurant before and so didn't know how it was set up. Turns out there's a long private room behind the bar...and that was where Matt was a private a private party...

A private party for the local Jimmy Buffet  Parrot Head fan club.

Oh, well. We went in anyway. And made our way to the front - with several people looking at us with that look in there eye of "who are you and why are you here??"

I ended up going  back to our friends to get a table and to order some food. (Hello! It was after 6:30 by this point - I was hungry!!) Drew stayed and listened to Matt until our food arrived (love texting!).

After we ate we all went back into the private party (crashers again) and listened to several songs. Our friends left after awhile, but Drew and I stayed until the end to get moment to talk to Matt. Such fun!

Matt and his family has friends with Drew's family since they were all kids. Matt has always had a love for music and has pursed it on the side for years. Last year he won a  songwriting contest and has since gotten a record deal with Jimmy Buffet. It's been fun watching from the sidelines as someone has attained his dreams and living them out.

I just  didn't expect to be crashing a private party in the process....

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