Saturday, April 13, 2013

Our Life This Week

It's been a slow week around here. Melissa and Benjamin had the state testing at school for four days, so they had no homework this week. (Testing means no sub work for me.) While Melissa still had art Tuesday afternoon, Ben's soccer game was cancelled Thursday night due to the fields being too wet.  We got a ton of rain Wednesday evening that went all through the night. I wasn't surprised at all the game was cancelled.

The fields are, also, used by the highs school teams and they are want to keep them in good condition. As a parent of a high school player - I totally appreciate that! If the school put some money into the football field, we could use that, but that will not happen, I think. Which is too bad...if we did, our team would be able to keep the gate money (there's a fee for all to attend). This area is still a football area with soccer the red-headed step-child. Maybe in a few years it'll be different.

Ben's team has been a surprise - they are good! This is the first time in several seasons there has been enough players in the 12 -to 14 years olds to have enough teams. Last season they put the few 12-14 year olds in with the 9-11  - so it became 9-14 years old. But we have enough for four teams this year. Our first game was two Thursdays ago - and it was cancelled due to rain. Last Saturday we won 7-0 and today we won 6-0. We have about three or four players that are really good!! I absolutely look forward to the years when they are playing for the high school!!  I see the high school team being amazing!

Of course, the down side to playing with 12-14 years old (aka - The Big Boys), Benjamin gets run over. He's so small....but he has a great time playing. Since there's only one extra player, Benjamin (and all the boys) get lots of playing time.  The other down size is he is now playing on a field the same size as the high school team. Needless to say, he very tired at the end of each game! This, also, means he needs to run and get in shape!!

My parents came to stay the night yesterday. Mom, Melissa and I got some shopping in.....all got to watch Ben's game.....even a Scrabble game in....just a nice lazy time.

William took the ACT again today. He did very well last year, but we are hoping for a higher score so he can get even better scholarship offers. It'll be a month or so before we get the results.

Tomorrow we have a full day at church....normal services with dinner on the grounds (crawfish!!). Then later in the afternoon we have our turn for outreach/visitation, then the monthly marriage class.

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