Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Stress of Tests

For the last two days Melissa has come home stressed. Oh, she's fine when she walks in the door, but when she realizes what she needs to do (homework, chores, practice piano), she falls apart.

Yesterday I thought it has more to do with her NOT wanting to practice piano (nothing new), but today she talked about how all her teachers were telling them to study for THE TEST next week.

Ah, yes. THE TEST.

It's called LEAP and iLEAP(depending on the grade you're in) here in Lou-zee-ana. And the teachers are STRESSED as well.  This year it's a brand new test. They (the state's experts) did all sorts of changes. Along with the changes, the teachers and schools are being evaluated with the test scores apart of it all.

It all makes my daughter cry.

And have long-lasting cases of the hiccups it seems. (For the last  year she has had a problem with the hiccups....even had testing done...even tried some meds....but nothing made them go even SHE thinks it's stress.)

Next week is the test. I, personally, think she and Benjamin (since William is in high school, he takes a test at the end of the semester for each class - sort of like a final) will do fine. Both are smart and do well in class as well as on test. I just need teachers to BACK OFF!

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