Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Lazy Sunday Evening

It's been a very quiet weekend. We have stayed close to the house - no plans. It's been nice to relax - sleep in...even got a a nap or two in. Melissa did babysit yesterday - then went to a party with her friends. Right now she's trying to organize a sleep over with a few of her friends.

She even got her father to take her driving. She's not eligible for her driver's permit for months, but she is so ready! Drew's taken her a time or two. Her plan is to take driver's ed this fall - you have to be 15 by the first class. Since her birthday is in Sept, she's planning to take the class soon after that. We'll see when it's offered.  She is just biting at the bit to grow up and drive!

William on the other hand has had his driver's permit since last summer and rarely fact, I'm not even sure when he drove last.  He never asks and the last few times I have offered, his answer has been that he would rather sit in the back and read a book.

Crazy kid.

I think the big plans for the holiday tomorrow is to go to the movies....we'll see. I have read several books this weekend....and about to start another one...probably should get some sewing projects done, but right now I guess I'm like William. I would rather just sit and read a book.

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