Friday, May 3, 2013

Busy Tomorrow

Tomorrow will keep us all busy! Especially Drew! He will be the taxi-driver around here.  I will be working a local election, so I will not be able to get the kids from one place to another - and all three have places to be (and people to see!)

William and several other boys from the youth group will be working in the morning helping a lady from the church clean up her yard. From the sounds of it, it's several acres. So...maybe yard it not the right word....her land.  I'm excited that he'll get a chance to make some money (that won't be coming from my wallet!).

Benjamin has his last robotics competition.   He has enjoyed this class, the other competitions (even if he had walking pneumonia at one of them), and the teacher in charge. I think he'll miss it next year. He will be taking Spanish next year instead of robotics so he can start working on high school credits.

Melissa is with a friend tonight, but tomorrow afternoon Drew will be taking them both to a wedding. The children's ministry is getting married tomorrow and we all at our church could NOT be more THRILLED!!  Many of us have been praying for her as a single lady  - praying God would send her a godly man to love her. And He did! They make a great couple. It's so much fun seeing some one's dreams come true.

In between driving the kids here and there, Drew will, also, dropping some food off for me. While most of the elections I work are in the church's gym that has a kitchen attached, because of the wedding we will be in a different part of the church and will not have access to the kitchen. I know by 5 or so I'll be ready for some hot food and a cold drink.

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