Friday, May 24, 2013


With William finishing his last two finals this morning, 2012-2013 school year is officially done. We have a few weeks before we'll get the notice for summer homework, so I hope my kids enjoy this break.  I know Benjamin is have summer homework - unless the school changes it's ways (which we will all be happy about it!) More than likely he'll have to read two books and do two projects  for each and maybe a math project.

I remember seeing summer homework for Junior English....we'll see if we get notified for that. Good thing William loves to read!

Benjamin is already hitting the computer games hard and long. I told him to enjoy weekend, then he and I will have to come to some type of agreement as to how long is long enough.  William is right there with him on that score. And Melissa - my social butterfly - is already at her friend's house - that has a pool....we may not see much of her this summer....

William and Melissa will attend the youth camp. Benjamin will attend 6th grade church camp - with Melissa as a counselor. She'll, also, be a counselor for the elementary church camp. William will have summer soccer workouts. But as of now Drew and I don't have any trips planned....although we are throwing a few ideas around....we'll see what we come up with.

While I have enjoyed sleeping in these last two days I have not worked, I did still  get up some what early to get kids off to school (I hate the thought that they leave the house without seeing at least one parent!). Of course, having kids getting breakfast and lunches together does NOT make for a quiet morning! Tomorrow that's a different story! No one has to get up and out the door!! The house will be quiet.....and a quiet house will mean sleep!!

At least, that's the plan....

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