Friday, May 31, 2013

Pure Laziness

This first week of no school has been wonderful! We have done next to nothing - and have loved every minute of it! (Well, almost every minute of it - I did make everyone help me clean the house on Tuesday morning - they all really didn't enjoy that, but it's apart of life.)  The kids have slept in, played on the computer, hang out with friends. Drew and I have slept, played on the computer, instead of hanging out with friend he did take me to the movies. 

And I have read several books - ok. More like a lot of books. Its' been great! I love that I can put a book on hold at the library from our computer and even download books from the library to my kindle. Been reading a new author as well as some new works by well known authors. It's been great! Books are like crack to me!

Back to the movie... We went to see this particular movie because it was filmed here locally and we were able to see some of the buildings. They built the from of the White House - we even got a picture of us in front of it (I'll dig that up later - it's on the other computer). The kids were so excited to see it - until we all realized it was rated R. After seeing it, I know why. While the language wasn't overly bad (but bad enough) it was the violence. Urgg. Yuck! But I really should have read the review....after all, the movie was about some bad guys taking over the While House. It was war - like a blood bath. So, not me. I had my eyes closed for half of it.

Drew owes me at least two chick-flicks!

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