Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Almost There

We are almost at the end of school. Today was my last day to sub (this month has got to be the highest number of days for me to work!!)  Tomorrow will be Ben's and Melissa's last day. And Friday will be William's last day.  I could be a mean mom and make Ben and Melissa go to school on Friday, but really - the teachers don't want them there. I'll probably check Ben and Melissa out after the awards assembly.

Today most of the eight graders were on field trip. Some went to Dallas to tour the Cowboy stadium then watch a Ranger's game. The others went to see a movie and spend time at the mall. Melissa chose to do neither (my checking account thanks her.) So, she got to stay home...sleep in...hang out....get a taste of summer.  She'll go tomorrow because the teacher will be handing out report cards, but we are excepting all A's, too.

Benjamin received his report card today. He did very well - ended up with all A's as his final grade in each class. He,also, did well on the state testing (we received those grades today as well).

I did have to laugh at several of the boys in my class dance and laugh and jump and down when they realized they did in fact pass into the next grade.  Ben was in the room by then to show me his grades and he thought it was funny as well. But, really, it's sad. To think you don't know if your grades are good enough.

Drew and I are very lucky that none of our kids have even been in that position.

William doesn't get any extra days off because the high school gives finals the last two days of school - and EVERYONE takes a final. No exemptions if you have an A like it was back in my day. He should end up with all A's as well.

We all are looking forward to sleeping in!!

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