Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Camo & Sparkly Band-aids

The boys and I spent the  afternoon at the base clinic trying to get ready for school and have all their meds. (Because all the kids need Epi Pens at school, there are tons of paperwork the doctor must sign.)  It took a sweet forever. We were in with the doctor (or rather PA) for at least an hour. William, also, needed a sport physical in order to play soccer this fall and then we went over all their meds. know that research that says if you breastfeed the child will have less allegories?? Well....they didn't talk to my family! Poor kids. While right now both are taking less meds because it's summer, they both are prescribed several meds. William has three, but Benjamin has six plus Epi Pens and Benadryl. I really should take a picture of the BAG I left with from the pharmacy....

Oh, sweet mercy! Thankfully, we do have great medical insurance. I would hate to see how much it  would cost to get all of those meds at retail. 

Then we spent probably another hour waiting for our turn at immunizations. Benjamin needed two and William needed one. When the tech ask Ben if he wanted a camo or sparkly band aide, he thought she said "camel". And thought that was a very odd band-aide, so he said sparkly. Which she thought was an odd choice for a boy. But it was more like reflective mirrors more than sparkly  

When it was William's turn, he without any doubt said camo! Well....she gave him a pink camo one. She said, "Yea...I just forgot to tell you that it was pink camo!" Soooo funny, the look on his face!

He refused to let me take  a picture of him and his pink camo Band-Aid....spoil-sport.

Then we went to for haircuts and to pick up a few things from the BX. Then back to the clinic to see if the meds were ready at the pharmacy. Then to the commissary for milk, bread, and fruits, etc.

Yea....a full and long and busy afternoon.

And I get to do it all over again next week with Melissa.... But hopefully, she won't need any shots nor a haircut (she actually got one on Sunday - haircut not a shot), but I'm sure I'll be out of milk and bread by then...these kids eat a lot!

On another good note, William was very happy that he broke one hundred pounds. He weighed in at 101 at 5 feet 5 inch (at 16 1/2 yrs).   Benjamin is still our small fry at 59 lbs at 4 feet 7 inches (at 12 1/5 yrs).

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