Saturday, July 6, 2013


Our plan A for this week was to visit friends in St. Louis and one of Drew's brother's in Chicago, but all that had to be cancelled (long story for another post). Instead, we spent the 4th of July with my family. We had a nice family dinner Wednesday night, then spent the 4th at my brother's poolside (With, may I say, the BEST weather!! in the low 90's  which for the Deep South, that is downright cool!) It was so nice to relax and get some sun. Friday I met my dear friend, Janean, for breakfast then spent the afternoon shopping with Mom and Melissa. .  Today we were lazy and with no rush to return home.

The kids and I read a lot...we've all read Veronica Roth's Divergent. And all enjoyed it. It's another post-America story - just the thought of that creeps some people out. This story was not nearly as disturbing as Hunger Games. We are on the waiting list for the library for the next book in this series - we are ready for it! The third book is due out this fall.

I've, also, spent the week avoiding washing many dishes. Apparently, you get out of dish duty when you have stitches in one of your fingers. I got a little too carried away last Saturday with my rotary cutter when I was trimming fabric for a quilt. While the cut and stitches did not hurt today (b/c it REALLY did last Saturday!!!), the stitches just got in my way. I was told to keep them in seven to nine days. Today was day seven. Couldn't stand it anymore, and so I took them out myself this morning.

Then too a nice long shower.

Not the best idea.

Should have done the shower first....with the stitches in a water-proof covering.....The cut did open back up, but I'm not going back in. If I end up with a nasty scar, oh, well. It's on the tip of my finger. Who cares.

I did have to get a tetanus shot. I was not happy about that. I had one eight years ago, but the doctor sort of ignored that. I think he just want to charge my insurance company for another item

Tomorrow we plan to go to a book.....take a walk maybe.....enjoy life.

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