Monday, July 29, 2013

This and That

We had another great visit to my in-laws' house. One of Drew's sister and family was in town -it was great to catch up with them. We stopped off at my parent's house on the way home. Earlier in the week we had planned to stay the night, but my parents were to keep both my nieces, so that left me with no bed - or sharing a small pull-out bed with Melissa. No, thank you.  But by the time we got there Friday afternoon, my nieces had a change of plans. I still elected to go home. By that point  I was ready for my bed.

Saturday we didn't have anything going on.....just rested and did a lot of nothing. Melissa did have one friend over and they baked cookies and a cake. Sunday was a little fuller. One of Ben's friends come home with us from church and stayed the night. Melissa and I had few errands - she got a trim, we hit Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond for the last of the lunch box needs before school starts.

Then late in the afternoon Melissa had a small get-to-gather with her friends.  They had been meeting most weeks for Bible study, but since school has been out everyone has been busy. Yesterday they had a short lesson then decorated sugar cookies and played a game called, "Catch Phrase." I played some to keep the teams even.  Lots of giggles! Melissa had some good and fun friends.  I hope (and pray) that it stays that way through high school.

High school - which starts for Melissa next week - she is so ready! Friday is orientation - several of the girls were talking about what to wear....clothes are still very important to teenage girls!

Part of the deal for William to get a car is for him to help with the cost.  Until he gets a job, he is our yard boy. I have to admit....he's not the best. But he's trying! And he has had help! Our neighbors are feeling sorry for him. Last week one neighbor mowed it. Yesterday one saw him pushing the mower (we have a push one -not a riding one!) and came over on his riding lawn mower and did most of the yard! William was thrilled!  It was a hot afternoon.

Today Melissa left for another camp - she will be a chaperon for the lower elementary kids. She was very excited! I'm sure she'll come home Thursday very, very tired!

I have been spending a lot of my time watching an old sermon series by Mark Driscoll on the Songs of Songs. Good stuff! Probably the best I have ever heard on this small book in the Bible. Lots of practical ideas and advice on marriage (and sex!  Yes! The Bible talks and speaks of sex in a positive way - after all, God did create it!).

Drew tried to work on our rest house, but ran into a few problems....He'll try again next week. He, also, got to visit with some of our friends from California. It seems we both are having fun without the other!

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