Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stinkie Feet

Drew's been gone a week and already William has had to drag out the ladder twice. Once to change a light bulb and second to replace a battery in the fire alarm. I probably could have done both, but our ceilings are high and I am not. Those few inches William has on me comes in handy!

You know that hormone that causes boys' feet to smell? Yea....it has turned on in Benjamin! oh. my. For the last two days he has been working with the youth on service projects - even slept at the church. He took off his shoes tonight and I just about had to leave the room. He did have to take a bath before we could go through his school uniforms. Even then they weren't nice smelling....I warned him that he'll probably have to take a bath again in the morning just to wash his feet. I may have to buy new shoes....I did spray Lysol on his, but still....not sure if the smell will go away.

wow.  In a bad way.

So. yea. School uniforms.  School starts in two weeks and a day. Yesterday I ordered the last of the clothes that William and Melissa needed (yea for Old Navy uniform sales and free shipping!).  I think Ben is set with all the hand-me-downs he has. I think the only thing we are still needing is William needs a new lunch box. No real rush on that as he can always use mine - I don't see me subbing for while.

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