Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Quiet Saturday Afternoon

It's a nice quiet afternoon here with all the kids at a youth retreat for the weekend. They'll be back just before church tomorrow morning. I'm sure they all will be very tired tomorrow afternoon! Youth events seem to include sleep derivation.

Our week went well.....a few days of work for me, dentist appointments for all but Drew (no cavities!) and soccer.  The first round of playoffs were last night - we won! It was a great game - lots of great foot work.  Our goalie got a work out! He must have saved at least ten. And we all are greatly relieved that our goalie is not a senior!

Then were was the snow. And sleet. During the game. So unusual for us. It didn't stick or last too long....just long enough to get all the players wet and even colder than they were.  But they won - so I don't think they cared. It had been snowing earlier in the afternoon, but didn't stick then either.

One bad news of the week: our desk top computer died. We first thought Drew had fixed it with a new battery inside - it worked again for a few days, but when we had to re-start it, it wouldn't restart.  Blank screen.  Drew tried some sort of tech magic, but no luck. 

Which is one reason I haven't posted much this week - Drew has been using my laptop. It runs so much better than the old lap'll be sharing.

We have a slightly busy week ahead....more days for work for me....another play off game for for all the kids with homework and projects....normal stuff.

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