Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ice Day

I can't really call today a snow day since I really didn't see any snow. Now ice? Yes, I saw lots and lots of ice.  But no snow. A friend that lives about ten miles north of me did get snow - probably only about a heavy dusting to a quarter inch, but still more than we did.

While I didn't do too much today as I had a headache, I did get all my laundry done. I wish I had counted how many loads I did between last night and was a lot! But it's all done and put away (well...the kids have their laundry in their should be put away, but I'll let them figure that out).

I watched a little of the a my errand list all together for tomorrow....I think "puttered" would be the best way to describe it. 

I did  not go to church tonight.  I stayed home and listened to several podcasts as I cooked a few things. As I said, I had a headache most of the day  - stayed in my sweats.  On Wednesday nights the pastor is going through the book of Ecclesiastics - which has got to be the most depressing book of the Bible. I just wasn't up for putting a bra on for that.  So, stayed home, listened to a podcast and cooked. 

It was a nice evening.

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