Monday, February 10, 2014

Another Work Day

Today I got to work in the front office again. While it was a busy day, it was not crazy  like it was in December. I do really enjoy working there! It's fun seeing what all is going on.  Several teachers were upset at one student.

He came in late, but he and his father gave me no reason other than "just late".  Fine....whatever....we all have a few slow mornings - especially on a Monday.  But apparently, he told his teacher he was late because he had been running a, he was late because they were waiting for the medicine to kick in. The teacher was SOOO not happy! He told the student to go to the office to have his temperature checked.

And he didn't.....even after a second teacher told him the same thing! He did finally come for a temperature check, but it was normal. He came back several times through out the day. Each time he looked worse and worse. At the five hour mark after he took the medicine, he's temperature was back up over a hundred and he just looked terrible! I know he felt bad!

So, just a little before the last bell ranged, his mom came and got him. I said something about when you feel bad with a fever just stay home. He said, "But I have a game today." (basketball game). I said, "There'll be other games." "Yea, but this is a big game!" "You're 13 - there'll be other big games. "

But I know how much he wanted to play in that game! Don't all good athletes? I'm sure he felt like he would let his teammates down if he didn't show up. And I'm sure he didn't want to be sick! So. He came to school hoping it would just go away....but instead, he infected probably half his grade.

Another big topic today in the office was the weather. We are suppose to get some "wintery mix". I think just about every teacher that came through the office said something about hoping tomorrow would be a "snow day"! I think they are more hopeful than the students!!  While lots of school districts have cancelled school for tomorrow, ours has not...and will not until 5:30 a.m.  I'm sure many teachers are upset over that as they were really looking forward to not just a day off, but sleeping late! 

Such is life.  I have to my kids to turn off their alarms and I'll get up to see what has been the determination. I'm hoping I'll be able to climb back in bed!

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