Saturday, February 1, 2014


When we gave the kids their cell phones, we had each of them sign a contract. For the most part it was just a way for us to go over our rules as well as common courtesy issues. The last line in the contract was that they each had to give us a hug every day....just a way to remind them that their cell phone was a privilege we handed out.  Today at lunch we were giving them a hard time because they have fallen down on their hugging jobs.

Melissa made her normal comment about not liking people in her personal space. While Drew and I would like more hugs from her, we see this trait of hers as a good one: if she doesn't like us in her personal space, hopefully, she'll also not want boys in her personal space.  Drew made some comment about this today and the boys as well were picking on her about this.  I took this as an opportunity to enforce the concept of fighting off un-wanted boy attention, so I said, "Well, if a boy gets in your personal space, then just kick him in the balls!"

Oh, the look on William's face!!!  "I can't believe you just said that!!! Maybe use the word "crotch" or "private parts", but balls?? MOM!! I can't believe you said that!!"

oh, William.....  He makes me laugh!  But I will admit, it's fun to shock him!!

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