Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Friday

William had a good start to the weekend - he got to sleep late!  He has an eight o'clock dentist appointment - not worth going to school for twenty minutes. Over all, he got a good report - like most kids, though, he needs to brush more.  Hopefully, he'll get in to that habit!

I was glad to see him pull papers out to study in the drive to the dentist and then again to the school.  He later told me he "aced" the vocab test.  He's a good student - he really doesn't have to study much...he just gets it...but Drew and I think he has meet his match in this AP English class.  So far, he has an A.

We did almost have a car wreck on the way to the school - a big black truck didn't see me and started to get into my lane. It was one of those slam-on-the-brakes and hit the horn several times moments.  Thankfully, a wreck was avoided....that would have really put a damper on the weekend!

Our weekend is on the quiet side until Sunday afternoon when we host our Sunday School's Super Bowl party.  We're having traditional chili as well as white chicken chili.  Should be good!! I looking forward to the desserts my friends will bring...I'm hoping for some chocolate!!

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