Sunday, January 12, 2014

One Goal Down

As I mentioned a few post ago, I had a goal of an early spring cleaning. I am happy to say I'm done! The last closets were mine and the guest room closet that holds my sewing, other craft items, Drew's magic paraphernalia, and other odds and ends of things.
I really didn't throw out a lot of garbage (maybe a bag or two) or take a lot of stuff to the Goodwill (about one medium size box), but every little bit helps! I main just put like things with like things. The calmness I feel as I open a drawer or closet is well worth any time I spent!

One of the interesting things I came across was my grandmother's Bible. I knew I had it, I just had not look in it in a long while. It was in a box at the bottom of my closet. This box had been there since we moved it, but I have found that its just in the way. It's next to my extra tote bags and jewelry stand. I have had a hard time getting into my jewelry stand, so I need to move the box up high on a shelf so it would be out of the way. I went through the box just to remind myself it was only keep-sake items in there.

When saw her Bible, I couldn't but help to look through it.  It held an interesting number of article out of the newspaper.  One was a letter-to-the-editor about how many articles were against Ole Miss, but for MS State and Southern MS football teams. Another one was  about some group in old-timey covered wagons traveling from Shreveport to Pennsylvania traveling through Jackson, MS (where she lived). There was, also, a church budget from 1978 over a dozen years before she died! Why did she keep that? Or the newspaper articles that from my point of view that have nothing to do with our family. (By the way, the budget showed the pastor made less than twenty thousand.)

Another piece of paper had all the families' birthday dates. Mine was a day earlier...which brought humor to  Drew and I. The first year we were dating he thought my birthday was a day early (which is so much better than a day late!!), but it's been an on-going joke between us. He's even gotten the kids in it.  Mom thinks she had the wrong date because that was the day she went into the hospital to have me - but never did Mammaw ever wish me happy birthday a day it's just another odd thing in her Bible.

Now on to the next project....

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