Sunday, January 19, 2014

Five Again

Once again, we are a family of five. Well, technically we're been a family of five for over thirteen years, but a family of five in the same location again. It's so nice.

Drew left DC around noon on Friday. With him driving by himself we thought it would be good  if he at least got out of the state of Virginia - about six hours. After all he woke up at 5 AM and worked four hours. But around dinner time he called to say he was already in Knoxville.

My question to him was, "Exactly how fast are you going??!!!"

Since Knoxville was expecting a dusting of snow, he decided to drive some more. He got south of Chattanooga before he stopped for the night - that's about half way. I think we both expected him to sleep late, but he had the same problem I did at the Hampton Inn during Thanksgiving: thin walls and lots of noise!

He pulled in to the house about 3:45.  Yes, he was NOT driving the speed limit! As he said, he was ready to be home. And he did not have three sets of eyes watching him like I did when I drove to DC and back Thanksgiving week. Also, he didn't have to stop and feed or find a bathroom for those three set  of eyes.

I am very thankful he's home safe and sound. We are ready for this next chapter of our life.

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