Monday, January 20, 2014


Drew wasn't even home for 24 hours and he had me out exercising!! Yes, he still wishes his wife was way more athletic than she is!

Being active duty military Drew has always exercised...sometimes on his own other and times with his office. Since we moved here, he and I have walked a lot in our neighborhood usually in the mornings. While he was in DC he got into a great routine of running in the afternoons. He's hoping to keep it up now that he's back home.

Yesterday Benjamin had soccer practice in the afternoon at a local park that has a great walking track. Drew used the time to get me back out walking (while he ran)....which I have only done a handful of times since he left this summer.   I do admit, it feel good to be outside walking.

And I'm sure we'll be doing it again as Ben has soccer practice again this afternoon.

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