Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Going Down Hill Fast.....

William's soccer team is going down hill....and not in a good way. We started the year off so well!! I really thought we would win district...but that is looking not to be....

One of our best players got hurt early in the season and missed several games. When he came back, he was in a leg brace. It took him several games to get use to playing with it on, but the main problem is that it's restricted his agility. He can still run fairly fast, but having to go side-to-side quickly is hard now. 

A few weeks ago another player was hurt - this one pop his knee cap out - ouch!! He was on crutches for several weeks, but is still walking with a limp. He is waiting for the doctors to read the MRI to see if there was a tear or not.

Aside from hurt players we have other problems as well.  The cold for one....its really cold!! William really doesn't like to play when the temperatures are in the 40's or lower. (Can't say I blame him....I don't like sitting in the cold!!) Also, we have a few player that seem to have an attitude in particular....he is just frustrating to watch!  If the other team takes the ball from him, instead of fighting to get it back he just quits running and gives up!

Drives us parents C.R.A.Z.Y!!!!!  I have no idea why the coach leaves him in! If he doesn't want to hustle, then there's a whole bench full of boys that want to play and will hustle!

William was  a starter at the beginning of the season, but now is not. I'll be the first to admit he played better last year. Not sure why....last year he played a different position, so I'm not sure if that's it or if Drew being gone has affected him.... Who knows....  But I will say I have not seen him give up like a few of the other boys do. I wish he got more playing he does!

Last night was a district game. We have played this team before and won in a close game. After they scored two goals in the first half, it was like our boys just gave up....URGGGGG!! There was a whole second half to play! URRGGGG!!!


We have three more district games...two of which will be against the same team as we need to make up a cancelled game from earlier in the month.  Those two we should win as this team hasn't won any district games this year. But the third game.....that's gonna be hard....  It's against a team we have beaten - barely!  If we win, then we'll be second in the district and be eligible for the play-offs...but if we lose....then no.

I have to admit...a part of me is ready for soccer season to be OVER. But I know the boys love to play....just wish all of them showed it more!

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