Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Early Spring Cleaning

Last month when I was losing my mind, one thing that I told a friend was that every time I opened a drawer or closet I felt like it was messy and disorganized. So, I decided that cleaning out my house would be my goal for January.

Not a New Year Resolution...those I DON'T do. After all, if you feel so strongly about changing something in your life, then just do it! Don't wait for a "special" time of the year.

I'm looking at January as my month to do an early spring cleaning. I really don't think I'll be working very much in January, so I should have plenty of time to give each drawer, closet, and cabinet a good cleaning.

Yesterday I was able to clean and straighten up all the drawers and cabinets in my kitchen.  Oh, how that made me feel so much better!!! My utensil drawer was one of the biggest messes! Part of the problem is that my children usually put away the clean dishes...and just throw things in the matter if it's the right drawer let alone the right tray. I ended up buy some new trays and moved all the sharp items to a new drawer. I showed all the kids the new place for the sharp items...time will tell if they remember. But at least its a start!

Today I went through my desk, files and even answered all emails and other correspondence (meaning I paid bills).  Looking at my clean desk makes me so happy. A huge stressor just left the house!! There was a large pile of papers and mail that Drew needs to do something with...which is not his highest priority when he lives here much less when he's home only for a ten day visit.   I ended up going through all the papers and filed what I could then created a new file - all for Drew!  Now instead of a stack taking up space on my desk, I'll just slip that piece of mail in his file in the filing cabinet then he can take care of it when he wants to (usually when he does the taxes!).

Now the question is whether or not I can get the kids to quit eating at the desk....I won't go into details over the dirt on the desk I cleaned off....

Tomorrow my goal is the laundry room and linen closet. It really should not take long....then I think I'll work on my step-tonsu cabinets where my table linens are stored. 

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