Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Few More Days....

Today was Drew's last full day at work in  DC. Tomorrow he will only work for a few hours before he does all the out-processing paperwork. He's hoping to get on the road around noon. I'm hoping he only does one night on the road....but it was a long way for me to drive with William's help at Thanksgiving and he'll be driving it alone....  Wish I could have flown out to help him! 

These last few days  - weeks, really - have been good. The kids have gotten back into the routine of school. The two high school kids have new schedules since their school does a "4 by 4" block schedule.  Last year semester Melissa had a really easy schedule...not really sure if she learned anything! But this semester she has Spanish 2, Honor Geometry, Honor English, and health.  She'll actually be working this time around!  William had several classes last semester where he had to work and study - the same is true this time around as well. He has AP English, AP Stats, Advance Theater, and Bible Lit. I'm glad he's in English this semester since he'll be taking the ACT. The teacher he has specializes in tutoring for the ACT. She and I have talked and I think William is getting some great tutoring in the class. Hopefully, this will mean a higher score on the ACT!!  (He already has a great score, but hoping to get a few points higher so he can be eligible for out-of-state scholarships.)

I have worked a few day, but am planning not to work any next week. Drew will have next week off and I want to be around to enjoy him being home!

For a few days this week I have an extra kid around. A friend of mine went to a conference with her husband and their son (5th grade) is staying with us.  He's fitting right in with the boys - its all about video games!! He loves our Wii. I think Ben likes having someone younger than him around....even if Douglas is taller!

We had a soccer game Monday night - two short games to make-up for one that was cancelled at the beginning of the season. We won both. Tuesday night we had an out-to-town game - we won that one as well!  Tomorrow night we have another out-of-town game.  Not sure why the coach planned so much for this week! But as long as we win, it's all good!

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