Friday, January 24, 2014

Resturant Fail

Back in September when I went to visit Drew in DC, my parents stayed here to keep watch over the kids.  For lunch one day they went to try a new steakhouse in town.  It was not the best experience.  After having to send her steak back a third time, the manager gave mom two coupons for a free entrée.  She ended up giving them to me.

These coupons have stayed in my wallet all these months. I have thought about using them, but since its one of those restaurant that have peanuts everywhere, I can't take my kids. Earlier this week, Drew and I were doing errands while the kids were in school, we decided to give this place a try. I was hoping for a better time than mom and dad had...but it wasn't really meant to be!

The ironic thing is when the waitress heard how we got these free entrée coupons, she said, "Oh! That's not going to happen today!"

Famous last words.

Our food was "okay", but nothing to brag about.  She got my order wrong - even after clarifying what I ordered. Drew's food was cold.  And the "famous" rolls?  Had no taste.


While I'm glad I had free coupons, I won't be going back again.  There's plenty of other restaurants around that serve hot food and get your order right.

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