Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tech Joy

A few times Mom has hit the wrong button on her iphone and has ended up using the video phone instead of the normal phone. The other day she did this as she was calling me because Dad wanted to talk to me. Of course, at first he didn't understand that he didn't need to put the phone to his ear - that he needed to look at it instead. 

Oh, the look of shock when he saw my face - with Melissa next to me.  So sweet!!  I love seeing his smile and the love on his face as he saw "his girls".  With his dementia for the most part you have to look closely for emotions, but this day it was all over his face! I just treasure these times....especially know they are few.

Then he gave the phone back to Mom as she had wanted to show us her recently cut hair.  After that Melissa took the phone away from me and proceeded to show her grandmother her current art projects...her new shoes....her new rain boots.... I just love seeing my children enjoying family!

Pure joy!

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