Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The "Polar Vortex"

Not sure who came up with the whole "polar vortex" name...probably some bored journalist. But it is cold outside!  In the past we have had trouble with our kitchen sink pipes freezing as the sink is along the outside wall. The first time it happened, I called the plumber who installed the system to come to the house to help.  He added some more installation, but really couldn't do a whole lot. After all, most of the pipes were in the walls. He wasn't not going to rip out a wall to get to them.

So, it was no surprise to me when the last few mornings we had no water in the kitchen...not really a big deal. As soon as the temperature rose, water began to flow.

But today it did surprise me that the toilet and shower in the master bathroom froze. That was a first. They, too, had the pipes on an outside wall. Since this outside wall is not facing the raising sun as the kitchen pipes are, it took until after twelve for the water to start to flow there.

When the plumber did come out he did assure me that the pipes he installed were made to freeze and thaw out without bursting. So far, he's been proven right.

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