Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Books, Books, and More Books....My Crack

During 2012 I read about eighty books and for 2013 I read one hundred twenty-six. Yep - you read that right 126.  I love to read and yes, I am a fast reader. When Drew wants to unwind, he watches a movie or plays a computer game. I read.  I read a wide variety of books as well. Here's a few of the my opinion.

Bio & Autobiographies: There were several that stuck out in my mind after I read them. I really enjoyed Unbroken by Laura Hillenbran.  Its the story of Louis Zamperini, He raced in the 1936 Olympics then joined the fight in WWII during which he was a POW in Japan. It's an amazing story of his survival.  It will be made into a movie for next Christmas. I, also, enjoyed Phil Vischer's Me, Myself and Bob.  He is the creator of Veggie Tales. This book is his story of the rise and fall of those beloved veggies, but really about how we can get caught up in our service to the Lord instead of focusing on the Lord Himself.  A lesson all Christians need to learn.

I, also, read a lot of books that could be categorized as Christian Living or even theology. The ABSOLUTE best is The Divine Commodity by Skye Jethani. I originally bought it as an ebook, but have recently ordered a hardcopy of it. I plan to re-read it, then pass it on to several friends so we can discuss it.  Skye Jethani writes about how the church has become consumed with being consumers. It really changed my way of thinking about the church.

Then there's the fiction side of what I read - by far the majority of what I read. Some were chapter books the kids have read and enjoyed. Others were mysteries.  I think some of the best were the Divergent  series by Veronica Roth. The three book series were similar in the Hunger Games as it's place in post-America, but these were by far better than the Hunger Games! The movie for the first book - Divergent - will be out in the spring.  I think it'll be a HUGE success.

Like a lot of women, many books I read were romance. Basically, they were Hallmark movies in book form! Others were more about life in general and less about romance...some were Christian some were secular. I really try to pick authors that write the story and not focus on the bedrooms action, but many times I knee deep in the book before I realize what the author has in store. I have learned to totally avoid some authors! I do enjoy Barbara Delinksy, Debbie MaComber, Kristen Hannah, Paul Richard Evans, Neta Jackson, Dani Pettrey, Jason Wright, ....well....there's a lot! Take a look at my list! Enjoy!

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