Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter - Please, Go Away

No snow day today. I wake up with my alarm at 5:30 am and saw that we had school. Melissa grunted when I woke her up, William said, "Dang you, school board!", and Benjamin cried.  Yep - actual tears.

None of them were happy.  Oh, well. Such is life.

Over all it was a good day at school. I was a "para" teacher (the olden days, this was called an aide.) I was assigned to two teachers - one six grade social studies and one seventh grade English.  I enjoyed both - although, in SS I saw the same videos over....and over....and over again.... But I did learn  a lot about the rise and fall of the old Roman Empire.

And the weather was STILL a hot topic.   While it was very cold all day, it stayed dry during school hours.  After school, I had meeting at the high school. When I came out of that at 3:30, it was sleeting!!! Yikes!

I immediately text William and Melissa. They were at another high school for play practice. I wasn't sure what time they would be home, but whatever time was set, they really needed to start home then! I kept telling Melissa to make sure the teacher in charge knew that it was sleeting!! Hello!! Sleet and teenage drivers DO NOT MIX!!!!

After I got home and changed I was about to start calling other parents to see if they could follow William home or even give my kids a ride home and just leave his car there, when Melissa text to say they were kicked out of the school and were on their way home.

I knew the principal there and let me just say - he's my favorite person tonight!! I really do like the teacher in charge of the play, but I have a sneaky suspicion, she wouldn't have let the kids go early if she wasn't forced to.  I know she wants as much practice as possible since the play is in a few weeks, but this sleet stuff is not something to play around in!

First thing the kids said was that they almost got into a wreck!! YIKES!!!  William went to turn and the car hit a patch of ice and slid!!! Thankfully, they missed the car that was closest to them.   I was a very happy momma to have all her duckies home safe and sound!

School for tomorrow has already been cancelled - in fact it was announced at  3:38pm!  We all get to sleep late tomorrow!! Can you hear the cheers???

With in a few minutes of being home, Melissa was cooking up plans to stay over at  a friends (who lives just a few houses down, so no driving there needed).  I said, "Sure!! Just as soon as your room is clean.

Oh, what an unhappy teen.  Such is life.

Yes, her room is clean and she is at her friend's house.

The bad thing about school being cancelled tomorrow is William's play-off soccer game is post-phoned for at least a day. I still won't be able to attend sadly. But he does seem to win when I'm not around....so....maybe we will!

On the bight side of all this weather will be a weekend in the high 60's....come  on Spring!!

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