Thursday, March 12, 2015


Last week I had some minor out-patient surgery....sort of female stuff.  As for as pain, I've had more deep achiness instead of sharp pain. But at times I can feel my incisions...that's no fun. Then last Thursday I had tummy issues... Then beginning Saturday I started to have an eye thing going on - I got diagnosis on Monday with Pink Eye.

Pink Eye.  At 45 years old.

Good Grief!

While I tire faster than I want, I think I'm good.  My tummy issues have resolved, my eye seems almost better (will continue to take eye drop meds until Sunday), and the achiness from the surgery is about gone.  I'm moving faster than I was last week.  I still have to take it easy for awhile  - I'm not allowed to exercise or lift over five pounds until first of May. (sort of hard when a gallon of milk is eight pounds!) Just need to get my energy back...if I could sleep well, I think that'll help.  (I've always been a horrible sleeper!)

So, I'm taking it easy....Haven't worked in almost two weeks and probably won't get called in to work next week due to state testing.. But I'm not really complaining.  I did finish working on William's just needed the hand-sewing and I read some....and watched lots of tv and took lots of naps last week - trying not to nap this week, so I'll sleep (that's the plan, anyway!!).

Drew and the kids are taking good care of me. The boys were sent to Walmart Monday for the week's fresh items - I think they enjoyed it! Or at least enjoyed using my credit card. Melissa was disappointed that she couldn't go due to babysitting...but I promised she could go next time.  Melissa brought me an ice and chocolate one day - such a sweet girl I have!

Everyone else in the family seems healthy....which is always good!

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