Thursday, March 26, 2015

YEA!!! I have internet!!!

Last Friday after the kids went to school I realized that the Internet was out. But I didn't worry too much. Usually, when that happens we just need to reboot the modem. I do know how to do this, but just didn't feel like going upstairs and dealing with it.  I kept myself busy with other things (like a new quilt!!)

After Drew came home, he  did deal with it  - turned off the modem....rebooted everything...nothing....  So, he called the company and made an appointment for the following Monday. Let me tell you how thrilled the kids were to have NO Internet for a whole weekend....yea...that didn't go over well. 

Late Monday afternoon (much, much later that the appointed time, of course) our techs showed up. They saw nothing wrong.  NOTHING WRONG!!  Within a few minutes they had the system working.  We all were very happy to have it working.

Then there was Tuesday morning.  No Internet again.  I unplugged and rebooted everything. Nothing.  So, I called the company and forty minutes later still had no Internet.  The tech on the phone couldn't seem to figure out the problem.  I could hear him typing away and every now and then he would say, "I'm still here  - still working on it."

For all I know he could have been typing a letter or playing a video game.

After forty minutes he said he would have to get his supervisor and call me back.  Since I had to leave for a luncheon, I didn't have a problem with this. 

It was dinner time before I got back home from my luncheon, a doctor appointment for Ben, and a trip to the commissary.  This time Drew ended up trying to figure out the problem and calling the company.  He, also, was on the phone for close to an hour with on luck, but the tech did say he couldn't see our modem so maybe that was the problem.  So, Drew did a quick to the store and bought a new one. After installation and another conversation with a tech, he was told "it's not the modem....there's still a problem." 

Urgggggg  Frustration!

Late Wednesday our techs show up (and yes, much later than the appointed time).  This time they couldn't get the system to work.  They finally figured out that an outside part was not working  and they replaced it.

Finally!!! After six days, we now have Internet again!!

No longer frustrated.....but I will make sure I get credit for six days on my bill.

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