Sunday, March 15, 2015

William's Quilt

Many years ago I decided I would make a quilt for each child during their senior year of high school. Over the years I even made a point of collecting fabric for the boys. (Fabric that boys would like is hard to come by!) Back in January I started William's with the plan to finish it before my surgery. While a lot of the work is just sitting at my machine, the actual quilting part of very physical. I have to get on the floor and even crawl around on my knees while I tape part of the quilt to the floor and then pin it altogether. 

But then, I broke my machine. Urggggg. I was cleaning it out and forced the bobbin case in a little too hard...apparently while it was crooked....  No sewing got done while I waited for a replacement case, but  after it came in I was able to get the quilting and binding done before the surgery. All that was left was hand sewing the binding closed. Perfect  thing to do while resting and recovering from surgery.  

Here's the quilt. I think he likes it. Can you guess his favorite color??!!

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Mary Estelle Sanguinetti said...

Very pretty! I'm sure he will treasure it as much as I do mine. Love you