Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Nightinggale

Several years ago I read Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah. Since then it has been one of my favorite works of fiction.  It's about two sisters learning of their mother's life and how she endured World War II and the following years under communist rule. As you read this book you want these people to be real! But then  you don't want them to be real, because you don't want anyone to have to endure all those horrors of Europe during that time. But what a great story!

This week I read another book by Kirsten Hannah - and once again, the character seems so real you want to meet them...but don't want anyone to have to endure the horrors of World War II.  The Nightingale is a story of another two sisters.  This book in place in France, but as in Winter Garden  there's parts of the story place in modern times. In Winter Garden the two sisters are in modern times looking back as they learn their family's story, and in The Nightingale the two sisters are in France during WWII just trying to survive while the modern story of one of the sister's son learning the truth of all his mother did during that horrible time.

An amazing story!  But as with many stories connected to WWII, you'll some tissues.....but worth it. 

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