Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Bites the Dust

Whenever we move, it seems that we make some kind of transition with the kids. When we moved from Virginia to Maryland our kids decided they were not only old enough to bath themselves, but also run the bath water as well.  At age 3, 5, 7 we said fine  - we'll try it out. And it worked. For all of us.  I remember thinking a year later when Drew deployed for a year, that the kids taking over all of the bathing chores, was very nice - just what was needed.

Here our transition is the dishware. While they were allowed to use our nice  (aka VERY BREAKABLE) plates from time to time, they really only got to eat on them for special occasions or some nice meal one of us cooked.  Towards the end of our tour in Guam, they (especially the older two) let us know they liked to be grown up and eat off the breakable plates....no more plastic!! Especially the plastic is cartoon characters on them.

What plastic I did not throw away was moved to the back lower cabinet...not to be used a lot.  They all have enjoyed using the "real" plates and bowls.

And for the most part I've enjoyed them using them...until one got broken....then two....then three...and today it makes four. (And lets not forget the matching top to the sugar bowl and the salt shaker!!!)

Lovely. Just lovely.

Since my pattern was discontinued six months after the wedding, it's hard to fine. And when I do find it, its on the pricey side. So, now I'm thinking of selling what I do have and buying a new set of something else.

Sell now while I still have most of it left.

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