Friday, September 10, 2010


Today I volunteered at Benjamin's school during lunch. I was one of five moms who manned the "snack" table.  "Snacks"..hmmm....more like cavity-inducing-sugar-overload is more like it. I was totally amazed at the junk!  I'm not sure what I excepted, but to have every possible candy and chip offered wasn't it

For fifty cents you could buy crackers & cheese (other than pretzels this was the healthiest option), gushers, rice kripy treat, or a ring pop (one little boy bought three ring pops: one for himself, one for his mom, and one for his dad...he was so proud and so sweet.)  But for a dollar you could by a small bag of chips, cookies, pretzels, slim jim, wacky taffy, three different kinds of skillets, starburst, three kinds of sour gummies, M&M's - plain or peanut, or animal cookies.

Now, most students spent only fifty cents or a dollar there were some that spent more - a few that spent five dollars and one that spent nine. All on junk!! Makes this momma wonder if these parents knew how much money their kids taken to school.

But one thing I do know: dentist across the city will be reaping the benefits.

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