Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Losing the Game, But Winning the Party

This weekend we took the kids to their first Ole Miss football game (William went when he was just baby, but we're not counting that).  It still amazes me that we have not taken them before.. .I grew up going to just about every game every year...but for us it's been just too far away for a weekend in Mississippi. But not anymore.

I think they enjoyed the game.....even if it was hot. Poor Ben was just melting.  At one point  he laid down on the concrete by my feet to try to stay in the shade. Of course, we all would have enjoyed the game if we had won the dumb thing!  But all I can is "typical".

If the very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but excepting  a different outcome, then that's Ole Miss football. While is should not be tradition, it is.  Part of me was not surprised at the lost. Frustrated, yes. Surprised? Not really.

But. A good time was still had by all.

Tailgating is art at Ole Miss. Perfected over time. Since I have been gone, things have progressed far beyond anything we had when Drew and I attended.  Now every one has tents (or rather rents thems  - the companies that rents and sets up the tents, tables, and chairs are making a BUNDLE!!). Most tables are covered in a tablecloths with center pieces and/or flowers. Several even had small satellites with Direct-TV and big screens TVs!! Amazing!  Then there's the food. Let's just say - yummy! And yes, I need to be walking extra to work it all off!

Then there was the dress. We actually had an unwritten dress code while we were there. Who knows when it started, but "back in the day" we all dressed like we were going to church. The ladies in a Sunday  best-dress with heels and panty-hose, the guys in blue blazers, white button-down shirts, red or blue tie with khaki pants.

It seems that the boys still dress the same, but the girls? Oh. My. They are no longer dressing like they are going to church. More like they are going out on a Friday night looking for a "hot" time. Or for some "work".  The skirts were shorter and the heels were higher. No pany-hoses in sight! But on several occasions, you could see what type  - and color - of underwear the co-ed was wearing.

Oh. My.

I'm convinced that several dresses were actually shirts....yes, they were that short.

I have to tell you about one guy - he was over the top!  Yes, he was in the right "uniform" for the boys  - white button down, red and blue stripe tie, khaki pants - but he also wore a baseball cap and his belt buckle was a HUGE Conderate flag that really belonged on Wranglers!  I just had to laugh.

One part of tailgating I  love is seeing friends and family. We tailgated with my aunt and two friends. One of my college roommates drove down from Memphis to visit. So nice to see her!! I don't think we had seen each other since graduation, even though we have been able to keep in touch now through facebook.  I also, was able to visit with one of my cousins and his wife.  I had not seen them since my grandmother's funeral in the early 90's.  Such fun catching up with people!

The kids were I think a little shocked at some parts of the our cheer. Ole Miss fans yell the "Hotty Toddy" cheer. Let's just say it has several words that we don't use in our house.  The kids were a little shocked at such free use of words deemed "not Jesus loving".

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