Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday, Monday....It always seems to come around...

Monday again. This one was found to be a little slow. Which is good, of course. We need those kinds of days.  Today I was able to talk to a potential piano teacher for the kids.  We'll meet her tomorrow.   I'm very excited - the kids? Not so much.  After talking to all three, we came to the conclusion that Melissa and William enjoy playing a piece well, but not so much into the practice that comes with that.  Normal kids, though.

Benjamin on the other had really doesn't want to play the  piano nor take lessons. At. All.  Oh. Well. He. Will! At least for now.

Drew and I feel that music education is important.  We'll see how it goes with this new teacher.

Tonight also is the start of soccer practice for Benjamin.  It seems that Drew and I have found ourselves to be the coaches....well really, just Drew. I'm there for moral support.  The team is through Upwards which is sponsored by the church we are attending. It's run a little different here than what we had in the past, so it'll be interesting to see how the season goes. 

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