Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spoon Anyone? Noodles?

One thing we noticed when we got our furniture out of storage, is how much our living room furniture squeaks.  You could not sit down without all the springs announcing your actions.  Eventually we would like to replace the set with a leather set. But the purchases we have made since returning to the States, we'll have to wait for a new set.  But we can not live with the squeaks. They got to go!

Today Drew flipped the couches over and remove the covering to reveal the springs in order to lube them up with some WD-40 (a great invention, if you ask me!). As he was removing the bottom covering, the couch revealed more than just old rusted springs.  We also found two dice, one spoon, one pair of scissors, one hot wheel car, three playing cards, one piece of plastic play food (an egg), and interestingly enough two pieces of dried up lasagna noodles.

I don't even want to think about how they got there.

While this set has been in storage for three years, we really didn't use it a whole lot for the six years before that. But when we lived in CA it was our every day furniture...with three toddlers.

Who apparently liked to hide a few things....

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