Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Start of School

Our week started with "Meet Your Teacher" for Ben and Melissa (William's was on  Tuesday night). Over all it was very overwhelming...maybe if we had only done one school instead of two.

Ben's school is just a few years old and looking quite nice and shiney. His teacher seems nice - she's actually turned out to be our back door neighbor.  But something at the school seemed so different....I just couldn't put my finger on it.

I will say that part of the problem was just us being new.  Being new is like walking into a movie at the half way point.  It's hard trying to figure out what are the questions I need to ask....sometimes I know I'm not asking the right ones.   It's hard to figure out what I don't know!

Afterwards we dropped Ben oft at the house and picked up Melissa.   If I was a little overwhemled at Ben's school, then I was WAY overwhelmed at the middle school.  Oh. my.

First there was just so many people. We started off in the gym for the princpal and th 6th grade lead teacher to talk. Once again, something was so different...and I still couldn't figure out what it was.  The cheerleaders also preformed a few cheers for us. Wow. They all were so perky. And looked alike with the cute outfits  - they all had their hair in a pony-tail with a BIG bow. Oh, yeah, baby. We're back in the South now.

As we were standing in line for Melissa schedule, I was looking around and it hit me what was so different. A few families behind me was an Asian family and that's what was so different here  - most people - the teachers, the students, the parents - most were white. Not much diversity at all.

This is so different from the way we have lived. And not just in Guam, but in all the places we lived.  We have had friends from all races. In all the kids' school classes I don't think they ever were in the majority. The races were pretty evenly divided.  Makes me wonder how this will efffect them.

Another reason Monday was overwhelming was dealing with the middle school colors and mascot. Purple and gold - the tigers. Oh, my. This Ole  Miss Rebel just doesn't like those colors together and I have no use for tigers.

Middle school just may be a long time for me.

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