Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Days Just Keep Going

Our days here just keep moving along - nice, don't ya think?  All the kids are enjoying school for the most part.  I am concerned about Melissa and William's backs. There's no lockers at the middle school so everything has to stay in their backpacks and come home everyday.  Which is nice in the sense that they will never forget a notebook they need, but it makes for a full and heavy backpack.  So full and heavy that lunch boxes don't fit it or or even a notebook. 

The kids have had a few "culture shock" moments.  Last weekend I told the kids to get ready for bed. Knowing that Monday morning would come VERY early, I had them to bed closer to 8:30 Saturday night as well as Sunday night. Saturday night William gave me a funny look and said, "Bed? Mom's it's still light outside!" "Yes, but look at the time!!"  He was confused.  You see in Guam we had 12 hours of sunlight all year long.  None of this sunset at 9 p.m. business.  None of this going to bed while the sun is still up.  Just wait until the time changes here - they will be at a totally lost!

Also, Melissa has noticed that all the girls here have long hair, worn in a pony-tails with a BIG bow or long ribbons. We cut her hair VERY short just before  school started. So glad I did! I'm not sure she would have agreed after seeing everyone else's.  Her hair is still baby-fine and just doesn't look good long.  It'll be interesting to see what she wants when it grows blend in with all the other girls or do what looks good for her...
(not the best picture of the new 'do, but will try to work on that)

Ben is settling down in his class. At first he said his teacher wasn't as nice in class as she was at Open House. I think he's warming up to her. Although I will say, with the wonderful and fantastic teachers Ben has in Guam, she has a lot to live up to!

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