Sunday, August 1, 2010

This and That

It's been a good weekend. Mom and Dad came Friday in time for lunch and stayed through Saturday  morning. Mom and I only got one scrabble game in, but we did get in two shopping trips. Both of us got a few things we really liked.   They will come back next weekend along with Drew's parents in order to see the kids in a play.

Tomorrow all three of the kids will attend  camp Missoula Children's Theater.  William and Melissa attended last year in Guam. The play was The Jungle Book. This year they will be preforming Pinocchio. Drew and I are being mean parents and forcing Benjamin to attend as well.  He's not overly thrilled, but oh well. He will live. And how knows! He just might learn something or even joy himself!

Here the show will be dinner theater style. We are all very excited about it (okay - maybe not Ben!). Should be a good time - and we are especially thrilled that all the grandparents will be here as well to watch our budding  thespians.

And I have lots planned for my kid-free time as well....I see a Starbucks in my future, errands, and shopping - all without any short person complaining!

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