Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A New Plan

This week requires a new plan. The original plan was to drop all the kids off at drama camp with the Missoula Theater people,and enjoy some kid-free time. But that did not work out as we had thought it would.  In Guam all who showed up got a part. Here? More kids than part equals to lots of tears and heart break.

While I knew the camp only had so many costumes (typically 40), I never dreamed that 91 kids would show up!! Of course, it didn't help that the Youth Center (that host the camp) sends all their day care kids to try out.

Benjamin was not too hip in going in the first place, but after he got there he got into the fun...only to be "crushed" (his words). Apparently at one point he fell doing a head-stand, got embarrassed and cried for a part of the two hours. (If you know Benjamin at all , you know this is normal behavior for him - he cried whenever he is embarrssed or told that he did wrong...he cries alot....) But that aside - by the end he was hoping for a part. Tears on his part and he now calls them "evil people".

Melissa has been looking forward to this week for about six months - that's when I got on the Missoula web site and saw they were coming to Barksdale at the perfect time for us. Oh, the best laid plans....  All the way home from the base she cried, "I can be funny! I can be loud! This was to be the best week of my life. Now it's the worse." I even heard, "I have a headache from crying so much."

Oh....what's a mamma's heart to do? It took everything I had not to sit down and cry with them.

Then there's William. Who got a part. So. Lots of talk about grace and gentleness and understanding in the house. 

My week now consist of movie marathon here at the house today. First up was Firehouse Dog - if you have not seen it - check it out! Very cute!. Now playing is the Sword and the Stone - with popcorn and pickles no less (sorry - no fired pickles, today...maybe tomorrow).  Later today we will be showing Elf.  Tomorrow B&M will be going to see another movie...not sure which one....maybe Ramona and Beezus and lunch out. Thursday will the science/discovery center. And ending Friday with a day at the swimming pool.

Then they have to live through seeing William preform....yeah....hopefully, they will deal with that well.

Rejection is hard. Especially since we did not anticipate this. I wish I had thought about the number of costumes or asked how many kids came last  year (which I now know they cut 50 kids as well)....warned the kids....had them practice.  It is a good lesson is not getting everything you want....but wow. It just breaks my heart to see my kids hurt so.


Carie said...

Rejection is hard, and you hate seeing them experience it at this young age. So sorry! Congratulations to William though. Guess we have to learn that God has a purpose, even when it hurts. He can use the pain to make us more like Him. Just wish we could all learn that without the pain!

Gonna try to call you next week. Finishing my final paper this week--lots of stress.


Audria said...

It always hurts to see your children learn some of the hard lessons of life. You wish you could stand in their stead but God always knows what is best. I try to remember my own pain of rejection and give the compassion that is needed. I remember the first time that Joseph learned that he was black and some people did not like that. Trying to balance my own personal anger at him having to learn that lesson so young and wanting to comfort him....it took everything in me to show God's love and forgiveness. You are an amazing mom and the kids are blessed to have you. I am sure that they know it too!