Sunday, August 8, 2010

A New Start

We made it through last week. While Melissa and Benjamin were upset and disappointed, they survived.  I'm not sure if they will try out next year or not, but I hope so.  William has already said he would. He did a great job as an urchin. (That would be a street urchin not a sea urchin.....which makes so much more sense....)

Tomorrow we get to meet Benjamin and Melissa's teachers - Tuesday we get to meet William's.  We are very excited. (okay - I'm very excited....I'm sure the kids would like summer to last a little longer.) School starts Wednesday, but the Melissa and William have already started. Here honor students have summer homework.  Not sure how feel about summer homework.... I do see the value of keeping the  mind going. I also think though the average student should be challenged as well.

Both have to read two books and do two project for each.  Melissa has read both of her books and has started on one project each.  I think William has read one....not sure....but tomorrow morning we'll be having mandatory study time.  Yeah...they'll gonna love that!  I'm hoping they will get at least some of it done in the next week or so.  By then they will have normal homework to do as well.

So...what will I do with the kids in school all day?? (Besides jump for joy???)  I still have a few boxes that were in storage for the last three years that I want to go through. Then I will work on my photo albums.   I'm at least a year behind on the family album.   I'm hoping to get caught up before I start getting involved in a things (or before my husband makes me go back to work!)

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