Friday, August 13, 2010

Frist Day of School

Wednesday was the first day of school!! YEAH!!  We were all ready! The kids had been without kids  for most of the summer - since we've left Guam.  They needed to be around kids their own age and they needed time apart from each other.

Even though we knew that most of the other kids in the neighborhood were driven to school, ours would be riding the bus.  While both schools are only ten minutes away from the house, they are in opposite directions.  Besides, I have driven them to school and picked them up for the last three years - it's time for the bus!!

The older two got off okay - even if the bus was about fifteen minutes late.  (We found out later the bus driver forgot someone and had to turn around to get him.)  As we were waiting for Ben's bus, Drew found Melissa's schedule on the kitchen table.

Oooo. Not good. I had visions of her falling apart. Several prayers were said during the day for her.

As they got off the bus at three, she looked at me and said, "That was the best first day EVER!"  Oh, the deep relief I felt.   William was happy with his first day as well. When I asked Melissa about her schedule and how did she deal with it, she said, "I didn't cry! I'm in sixth grade now!"

Well, okay then.

She said she realized pretty quickly after she got on the bus. During class changes the administration stood in the hallway for anyone that needed help - she just went to one of them and asked for a new schedule.  So proud of her. 

William was very impressed with his geometry teacher.  While most students don't take geometry until ninth or tenth grade, William and one other eight grader walk across the parking lot to the high school for this one class.  This teacher gives everyone an electronic "clicker" like the audience would have in a game show such as "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". At the beginning of the class, the teacher puts a problem on the board. The students pressed the correct answer. I also find this very cool!

When Ben came home, he had he had just a "so-so"  day. He said he thought his teacher was nicer on Monday night then during school. But that's Ben. He doesn't get too excited about much. But also, this teacher has some hard acts to follow. Ben had some amazing teachers in Guam! He's spoiled!

I've enjoyed the days of no kids. I've been able to get errands done without anyone asking "How much longer?" or chores around the house without having to settle an argument. 

Oh,  yes.  We are so ready for school to start!

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