Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Big Event

Tuesday night was the Big Event around here. Drew's boss was in town (who's a full colonel) as well as the boss' boss (who's a one star general). As I said earlier, Monday was cleaning and cooking. Tuesday involved finishing up the cleaning and cooking.  But it was all worth it - the dinner went really well.  I think everyone had a great time  - if the lack of left-overs was any indication.

Wednesday brought another Big Event.  Benjamin and Melissa went in for allergy testing. (William goes in tomorrow.)  Both had the scratch test four years ago, but when we  saw the new doctor here, he suggested  we see an allergist because of the food allergist.  So. We went.

We did not tell them exactly what would happen at the doctor's visit. I didn't want to deal with the drama. Ben handled well - of course, by the time he figured out needles were involved his shirt was already off and the nurse was already starting.  Of course, he had to fuss at times. But he did find.  And of course, he's allergic to many things.  He was very sad to have it confirmed that he was allergic to dogs and cats.

Then there was Melissa.  She was so not happy when she realized that  needles would be in her presence and actually used on her body.  When she had the testing four year, they only did the scratch test on her arms. She was very confused about why she had to take off her shirt and cami. I explained about the back instead of the arms - okay..she said.  In the end  testing was also pretty much what I expected.  Both had blood test and we'll find out those results in a week or so

But the best part of the afternoon was when I had to explain about the paper gown.  I shown her the paper gown and said, "Welcome to womanhood - this is what we wear  when we are at the doctor's."

And her response?

"But..but...that's ugly!"

Yeah.  I know.


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