Sunday, October 28, 2012

Laundry Training Day

Saturday I needed to attend training to be a  commissioner for the election next week. But I, also, need to get some laundry done.  Usually, I would put Melissa in charge - after all, I KNOW she will do it right. But a few months ago, she complained how I was "picking on her" to do the laundry all the time instead of the boys. So, this time I decide William would be in charge. I called it his Laundry Training Day.

He was  not impressed.

He reasoning of why he didn't need it? "I already know how."

"But you need practice," I told him.

"No, I don't! Beside I'll work all day and my wife will do the laundry."

"Oh, Really?!  Do you realize that before we had children your father and I BOTH worked full time and we SPILT the chores?! Besides, your father was just lucky enough to fine me early in life - are you praying that you find your wife early in life??!!"


"You need laundry training and today is your day!"

So, he was in charge of the laundry while I was gone. Over all, he did a great job. But I will say, I found it quite humorous over what I found when I got back.  The picture says it all. This boy does love his book!

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