Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Ill Ben

This Tuesday brings another day that Benjamin is home from school. At first I thought it was just a cold or strep throat is now more along the lines of walking pneumonia. While he does not have a fever, he does have headaches, sore throat, some dizziness, and in general the feeling of "bla"  - no energy whats-so-ever.

He is getting lot of computer (yea for lap-tops - or in his case - chest tops as he's laying down) time and tv watching.  He did read some, but I think he finished his book. He'll need to raid his brother's stash of books.

When we were in Guam Melissa was ill for two weeks. We never got a diagnosis other than a virus. I called it "crazy island jungle fever", but now I wonder if she had walking pneumonia. Not that it really matters, I guess.

I did take him to the doctor on Friday and talked to the nurse yesterday. I won't take him back in until Thursday if he is not well by then.  Thankfully, they will issue me a note for the school. The schools here are very strict about attendance. (While we were in Guam the DoD school  was not so strict with attendance - that's changed I've been told since we left.)

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