Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Red Ribbon Week - Dreams

Last week was Red Ribbon week across the country and our schools participated as they do every year.  Red Ribbon week is one those ways educators try to get kids to commit to staying drug free. One of the activities is to allow students to dress up as different things every day. One day maybe crazy sock day or hat day.  Last week when I was subbing, it was to "dress up as your dream job". The slogan was something like "don't let drugs kill your dream".

One student in my first hour dressed up like our youth pastor. I know this, because our  youth pastor has a goatee, glasses and most Sundays dresses with a button up shirt - NOT tucked in, and a tie. This student nailed it!

Later in the day another student told me he was dressed as our pastor.(He was wearing a dark suit with a tie - very formal!) I have to admit, it warmed my heart to see these sixth graders have such noble ambitions in life.

After hearing my last name, several students asked if Benjamin was my son. I said, yes. Several student piped up about what class they had Ben in - they were sooo excited!! I told them he EVEN LIVED IN MY HOUSE!!!

This mini-pastor said, "Yea - I wish  I had Ben in one of my classes. That way I could cheat off of him."

Hmmm....Really???  ...hmmm... I think some one needs to clue him in on how pastors should live. I don't think cheating is in their job description.

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