Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

Over all, it was a quiet weekend. We did get a lot done Saturday. While the two teens were refereeing the church's soccer games, I weeded the flower beds - took all. dang. morning.

And I'm still sore.

But that's what I get for putting weeding off for a month....ok. More like two months... Yes, it was bad. But they look so much better now.

After lunch we dropped William off at Melissa's art teacher's house. She is a retired single lady and needed some help weeding her flower beds.  William said he only got about half of them done. She may have him come back when he has time - which may be in a few weeks.

While William was working (he does love getting paid even if he didn't really like the yard work), Melissa, Drew, and I went shoe shopping. Ben stayed home to work on home work and to continue to recover from his bout with walking pneumonia. We all found some tennis shoes that we needed as along with a few other things on our list.

The rest of Saturday was all about watching college football. It makes me giggle when one team loses and makes me sick to my stomach when (once again!!) my team loses after being in the lead for most of the game.  Seems to be a habit...which needs to be lost.

Sunday was church....some movies....some more football....nothing too Earth shattering...

Today is day off from school. But Drew is working, though, so my plan of going to pick pumpkins was nixed. Not just by Drew not going, but also because, the kids didn't seem too interested in  picking pumpkins.  I think the teens are headed to church later this afternoon to hang out and watch movies. (Love how the youth leaders like to keep them busy!)

Not sure what I'll do while they are movie watching....maybe jean shopping.....

Should be a good week -a short week - those are always nice.

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