Monday, October 29, 2012


Sunday was such a pretty day! I did not want to stay indoors- even if there were plenty of football games to watch. My first plan was to take the kids to the local corn maze and pumpkin patch.

Sadly, I was over ruled.

No one was interested. They all think they are too old for that.

We ended up going to local out door mall. Melissa, of course, just wanted to shop. Apparently, she needed some new jeans. (NOT!) William was not real happy about going. We basically didn't give him a choice. 

(Ben lucked out by being with friends for the evening.)

So, off we went. We walked around trying to find the three geo-caches that were listed on the web-site. We found only one.

Well.  Melissa, Eagle Eye, found it.

The other two  remain a mystery.

But we did end up with some Orange Leaf yogurt.


And yes, Melissa ended up with some new jeans. And a new tee-shirt. Because, that's what girls do. Spend money on clothes.

But we all ended up enjoying our time out of the house and in the sun and nice temperatures. So, much better than being stuck inside all day.

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